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LETHER-α / LETHER-Ⅱ Series Soldering Robot



Soldering process innovation

The historical soldering method by soldering tip has been replaced with new methods to meet high density surface mount soldering requirements.
however the key for production efficiency improvement and quality improvement is hidden in the longterm know-hows.
Our soldering robot has been updated constantly with newer processes, and continuously investigating soldering technology to meet operation requirements. 

System Configuration


Designed dedicated use for soldering. Reduces total soldering cycle time.
Feed motors on both storage and feeding area.
Much higher solder feeding accuracy and ensure high quality by syncronized drive mechanism.

Adjustment Free Soldering Tip

No adjustment for soldering tip is required. Short design soldering tip for preventing thermal expansion issues with the nut cap.

Slide / Point Soldering

Slide soldering and point soldering without changing feeding unit

Lead Free

Unique design for high quality lead free soldering without additional devices

Pitch Copy

Easy input for same pitch / same pattern soldering positions, drastically reduces teaching time

Dynamic Editor

Soldering conditions (solder amount, pre-heating and heating time) can be adjusted during operation to minimize setting time.

Prevent missing solder point

positioning error of the pins on the work to be compensated by soldering tip mechanism

Windows Version Editor Software

One time editing for positioning condition and soldering condition, no need for individual control per each conditions.
Permutation function for easy solder diameter changes by magnification change. Quick edition for heating time and pre-heating time by magnification and relative edit.
Positioning offset function enables set-up by each soldering tip directions.
Possible to attach image, Excel and word files