5 Phase Drivers

Microstepping drivers


Compact design, easy control
Microstepping up to 250
Case type and board type
DC24V / AC110 to 200V

5 Phase Motors

5 phase stepping motors


Mounting square 20 to 86 mm
Most suitable motor / driver combination
for wide range of applications

Ball Screw Motor

5 phase direct driven


Direct response by eliminating coupling
Low lost motion, no alignment
Shaft dia: 4 to 10 Lead: 1 to 4

2 Phase Drivers

Open loop system

Ezi-Step Driver.jpg

Unique software and high performance DSP for high speed / high precision
Position error detection algorithm

2 Phase Drivers

Closed loop system

Ezi-Servo Driver.jpg

Innovative closed loop system
High resolution encoder feedback
High performance DSP and software

2 Phase Motors

Hybrid stepping motors


Hybrid motors size 20 to 56 sq.
Stable performance with high quality bearings


motion controllers


1 to 4 axis programable motion controller
Compact design, easy handling
Unique program software,
USB interface

Controller boards

Motion controllers


1 to 8 axis motion controller boards
For stepping and servo motors
Circular/linear interpolations
S-curve acceleration / decelation

Controller IC

Motion control IC


1 to 4 axis motion control IC
For stepping and servo motors
Circular interpolations
S-curve acceleration / decelation