5 Phase Drivers

Microstepping drivers


Compact design, easy control
Microstepping up to 250
Case type and board type
DC24V / AC110 to 200V

5 Phase Motors

5 phase stepping motors


Mounting square 20 to 86 mm
Most suitable motor / driver combination
for wide range of applications

Ball Screw Motor

5 phase direct driven


Direct response by eliminating coupling
Low lost motion, no alignment
Shaft dia: 4 to 10 Lead: 1 to 4

2 Phase Drivers

Open loop system

Ezi-Step Driver.jpg

Unique software and high performance DSP for high speed / high precision
Position error detection algorithm 

2 Phase Drivers

Closed loop system

Ezi-Servo Driver.jpg

Innovative closed loop system
High resolution encoder feedback
High performance DSP and software

2 Phase Motors

Hybrid stepping motors


Hybrid motors size 20 to 56 sq.
Stable performance with high quality bearings


motion controllers


1 to 4 axis programable motion controller
Compact design, easy handling
Unique program software,
USB interface

Controller boards

Motion controllers


1 to 8 axis motion controller boards
For stepping and servo motors
Circular/linear interpolations
S-curve acceleration / decelation

Controller IC

Motion control IC


1 to 4 axis motion control IC
For stepping and servo motors
Circular interpolations
S-curve acceleration / decelation

PIG Motorized sliders

Precision ball screw driven


Precision positioning module
User friendly "Plug-In and Go"
Wide variety options
Custom designsavailable

PIG Alignment Stages

θ axis alignment table


An alignment table for AOI 
220 mm / 450 mm table 
High precision type and High rigidity type

Alignment Systems

Vision positioning system


Automated image detection
X-Y-θ axis alignment stage control systems
Auto focus available

Linear Motors

2 phase linear steppers


Compact, low profile, low cost
Max speed 2 m/s
Max acceleration 1G
Max stroke 3.6 m

Linear Stages

linear motor driven stages

SRS Array.jpg

3 phase linear motor driven 
Max speed 6 m/s
Max acceleration
Max stroke 3 m

Voice Coil Motors

Actuator & stages


Compact, low cost 
High force to weight ratio
Max acceleration 20G
Stroke 1 to 75 mm

Linear Guides

Low cost linear guides


Patented ball slider with aluminum extrusion and steel shaft guide rail
low cost design

Linear Sliders

Ball screw driven


Unique German design ball screw driven
High cost performance sliders for general automation

Linear Sliders

Belt driven


Simple design for transporatation applications
Zero play type available
Low cost linear sliders

DD Servo motors

Direct Drive AC Servo Motors

DD Mounting.jpg

Custom design flexibility 
Flat profile, hollow shaft, heat sink
High precision positioning 

Linear Truck

Linear motor direct driven

DD drive.jpg

Direct drive linear slider with 3 phase linear motor
Extra long stroke
High speed, high acceleration 


Wafer handling prealigners


Cableless one piece design
Own software for variety of interfaces to semiconductor tools