Automated Alignment System

Best for semi-conductor, FPD, screen printing applications


High speed, high accuracy, high performance and low cost 
Digital camera input 2ch to 4ch USB input (Resolution VGA to UXGA)
Controls 3 axis on alignment table( X,Y,θ/UVW stages)
Flexible to any camera, positioning marks 

PIG Motorized Sliders

Easy control precision positioning module


Precision rolled ball screw driven
5 phase stepper as standard (AC servo as option) 
Connector type easy connection, limit sensors 
Custom design available 
Best matched wth our micro-step drivers

PIG 3 Axis Alignment Table

Final positioning alignment table for vision and AOI


All 3 drive axis on the same plane for high accuracy 
Extremely low profile by compact drive modules
Custom size available
Dedicated drive software
Beat matched with our alignment system

Linear motor stages


High speed, high accuracy linear motor driven multi-axis positioning stages
Voice coil motor drive for Z-axis

Linear Stepper Stages


X-Y stage driven by 2 phase linear stepper 
High speed, high acceleration applications

Direct Drive Rotational Stage

DD Flat 3.jpg

Direct drive AC servo motor
Smooth and high accuracy positioning 
Suitable for θ axis table